Handyman to Hero

Around One O’clock, we approached one of our main stops at El Manto Park, also known as The Clay Banks at mile marker 18; a favorite spot to dive off the cliffs into the cool water below.  There was a commotion of high pitched yelling coming from around the corner, but no audible words were heard.  No one paid much mind because people tend to get rowdy on the river and a little yelling is normal.  The yelling and screaming continued longer than usual.  I walked over there for reassurance; not expecting to see anything eventful.  As I approached, I saw Warren Rex-McCray running up the rock from out of the water as fast as he could.  Another red headed gentleman in front of him was carrying the body of a 24 year old man, who was foaming out of the mouth.  The gentleman laid the young man’s body on the large smooth, clay like rock. 

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